Are all these Properties Bank Owned?

Yes, all our properties are owned by banks in Spain. This is why our prices are under market values.

Is a Mortgage available on these Properties?

Yes, in fact we can give up to 105% mortgage on all our properties, the percentage is depending on your personal income, age and other requirements.

Do i need to bring a lawyer?

Of course you can bring your lawyer, we will make sure the sale is done by Spanish law, the Notary will check all details and will make sure the property is legal and all outstanding invoices or taxes are paid at the date you own the property.

What will SpanishMortgage do for me?

We will do all thats needed to make sure your purchase will go smoothly, we will set up the viewing, the negotiating and the reservations in case you buy the property. We will make sure te Mortgage is set up when needed. If needed we will help setting up your N.I.E numbers. And we are there for all your questions.

What are my costs if i would Purchase a Property with SpanishMortgage?

SpanishMortgage will charge €1500 + i.v.a, this amount is the same for all our properties. The invoice will be sent as soon the Notary date is set and SpanishMortgage finished all preparations including a mortgage setup when needed.

What do i need to apply ?

In case you need a Mortgage and you want a pre approval we need your P60, Your Credit Report, 3 latest wage slips and 3 months bank statements. The wage slips and statements can be done later as long we know the details. We also need your Phone number, email address and your ID.

What is the timeframe ?

From the date your offer is accepted we will need 4 weeks to finish the purchase. If all details are delivered directly we can try to speed it up but all depends on a complete dossier.

Can i use these Properties for rentals?

Yes, you are allowed to use all Properties for Renting, either on long term or as holiday Renting.